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An Overview to Optimized Performance and Health through IV Therapy. In this week’s episode, Eric Casaburi delves into the innovative world of IV nutrition therapy, shedding light on its substantial benefits for enhancing overall health and athletic performance. He explains how this therapy bypasses the digestive system by delivering nutrients directly to the bloodstream, ensuring […]

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Reclaiming Your Youthful Face: The Power of Neurotoxins, Dermal Fillers with Audrey Coleman. In this week’s episode of “Aging Backward Growing Forward,” Eric Casaburi and guest Audrey Coleman dive into the transformative effects of neurotoxins like Botox, dermal fillers, and an innovative skincare product, SkinV. They unravel the benefits these treatments offer for maintaining a […]

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  Unlocking Health Optimization with RedLight. In this week’s episode, Eric dives into the transformative world of red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation. With a focus on its myriad benefits, Eric unravels how this innovative therapy is revolutionizing wellness and anti-aging practices. From significantly improving skin health, reducing inflammation, to aiding muscle recovery, red […]

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New Year’s Resolutions and Powering Through February Fall Off. In the first episode of 2024, Eric discusses the challenges of sticking to fitness goals and offers strategies for success. He emphasizes the importance of remembering why you started and staying disciplined. Eric also highlights the significance of creating habits and finding the right environment for […]

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Harmony in Hormones: Dr. Michael Setareh’s Guide to HRT. In this week’s episode, Eric sits down with Dr. Michael Setareh to discuss hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and its benefits for both men and women. Dr. Setareh explains the importance of optimizing hormone levels and the symptoms that may indicate a need for HRT. Dr. Setareh […]

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Knowing Your Numbers: The Metrics of a Healthier Life. On this episode, Eric breaks down how to track the most essential numbers for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There’s more to a healthier life than just the numbers on the scale; join Eric as he takes you through the critical metrics and what they mean for […]

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The Power of Oxygen: A Conversation with Dr. Scott Sherr. On this week’s episode, Eric sits down with lead hyperbaric medicine and oxygen therapy provider Dr. Scott Sherr to discuss the advancements in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and how when paired with supplementation, can assist the brain and body heal itself more efficiently from the […]

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Nutrition 101: The Basics of Food Intake. It’s time to reshape your diet to prolong your lifespan. In this week’s episode, Eric breaks down what foods are good for you, what foods aren’t, and what steps you can take to begin a better nutrition plan.

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Don Saladino and the Foundations of Fitness. On this week’s show, renowned coach and fitness entrepreneur Don Saladino joins Eric to discuss the foundations of fitness, Don’s entrepreneurial journey, and what it’s like for Don to train cinema’s most iconic superheroes.

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In this illuminating episode, step into the world of wellness with our esteemed host, Eric Casaburi, the visionary mind behind Serotonin. Renowned for his expertise in the health and anti-aging landscape, Eric delves deep into strategies that challenge and decelerate our biological clocks. Venture beyond mere physicality and uncover the transformative power of biohacking and […]